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BMW BMW Vehicle Keys & Remotes 

BMW Keys & Remotes

All BMW models from 1995 onwards are fitted with immobiliser systems. These immobiliser systems are EWS and CAS systems and both of these systems use a pre-coded microchip that is made and programmed to the chassis number of the vehicle at the BMW factory. This means you cannot buy keys from anyone other than a main dealer without great difficulty. BMW do not program a key to a car but order a key already programmed to the car.

Popular BMW Models That We Cover

At 3D Group we are constantly improving the range of cars that we can work on. If you require a replacement key for your BMW then we are capable of working on some models of BMW but not all. Please contact us to find out if we can help.

We are able to gain entry into a BMW if the keys are locked inside using specialist tools that will not damage the vehicle. Please call us for a quote.

We are also able to replace failing remote cases. If the buttons are becoming worn or beginning to work intermittently we can replace the case at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a replacement key from the dealership. Please call or get a quote online today.

Common BMW Issues 

BMW 1994-1999 Ignition Not Working

This is a common fault on mostly 3 Series cars from 1994-1999. The ignition key will just spin and not do anything. This can be either the key worn out or ignition barrel needs to ne replaced.

I've ordered keys to chassis number from BMW but they do not start the car.

This usually happens if the EWS or CAS system has previously been replaced with one from another car instead of a new one being ordered from BMW to the chassis number of the car. If this happens then they ordered key will match the original security system and not the replacement. The solution to this is to either have the complete system changed again or it has to be taken off the car and modified to except the key by a specialist.

Diamond-shaped head remote key does not work.

This is another common BMW fault. The battery inside the head is charged by the ignition whilst it is on, and cannot be replaced. The most common problem is a faulty remote which prevents the battery from recharging ignition. In order to resolve this problem a new remote is needed.


I have bought a Diamond-head remote off the internet. Can you program it for me?

If it is a virgin key and has not been programmed before then yes we can, but it can be more exspensive than buying the remote pre-programmed from a dealership. These remotes are about £120 from a dealership and come ready programmed to start meaning you don't have to pay labour charges. To program a key that has not been ordered to a chassis number, a control unit needs to be taken off the car and specially reset to except the key.

I have bought a key from BMW and the car will not start. What can I do?

If BMW have sent a key and it will not start the car then a dealership will want to replace the Immobiliser ICU which is either an EWS or CAS unit. If we happen to have a suitable unit in stock we can make the key work for you if you wish.

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