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Vauxhall Vauxhall Vehicle Keys & Remotes 

Our Services for Vauxhall Vehicles

3D Autokeys Nottingham are fully equipped to help with all of your Vauxhall car key needs. Whichever model you have, we can help with Vauxhall key programming, replacement keys, and key repairs. We can also assist you with lock outs and immobiliser faults so please contact us.

If you need a replacement key or remote for your Vauxhall vehicle then please get in touch! We can provide 90% of genuine vehicle remote fobs and non-genuine standard keys across a wide variety of makes and models. Get a quote online or call us today, you will be surprised at what you can save against dealer prices!

What’s more, one of our three vans can come to you at your place of work, your home or just about anywhere in the local area!

We can supply, cut and program all remote and keys for the full range of Vauxhall vehicles at a lower cost than the local dealership. We have over 14 years experience to help you in all aspects of key problems. We have the ability to replace keys for cars or vans when you have lost or broken your key. We also have a low-cost alternative to buying new locks when you need to change them. We can reset them and reprogram the car so any keys that have been lost or stolen will never work again.

Popular Vauxhall Models That We Cover

At 3D Group we are constantly improving the range of cars that we can work on. We can currently provide a wide range of services for the following Vauxhall vehicles:

  • Agila
  • Astra
  • Combo
  • Corsa
  • Frontera
  • Insignia
  • Meriva
  • Tigra
  • Vectra
  • Zafira

If your vehicle isn't listed then please get in touch as there is a strong possibility that we will be able to help!

Common Vauxhall Issues 

Remotes not working

On Vauxhall's Astra, Zafira and Vectra models there are common problems with the battery housing breaking away from the circuit board. There is a quick fix which consists of padding out the inside of the remote or trying to resoulder joints, but both of these will only work for a short period of time. We can supply brand new genuine remotes with a 1 year guarantee.

Breaking keys

Keys are easily broken on vehicles made prior to 2004. We can retrieve the broken part from of the lock and supply you with a new key, even if you are stranded. Our mobile workshop can come out for a little extra charge to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

My car will not start and the immobiliser light is flashing.

There are several things which can cause this light to flash: A lost microchip from the key, which is very common on cars upto 2005 (as is a broken chip on a Vectra and Signum after 2002). Both of these problems can be sorted by a new chip or key. The other is an electrical fault. We have the equipment to diagnose these faults if you wish.

FAQ on Vauxhall

I need a spare key/remote but I have no Car Pass

There's no need to worry. We have software on our machines which can read the majority of Vauxhall immobiliser codes. If we cannot read them we will ask you for your log book and a small fee to obtain them from Vauxhall UK. Please be aware that obtaining a Car Pass from Vauhall normally takes upto 48 hours on a working day, so if you have this information at hand it will make the job both quicker and cheaper.

My Vectra 2003 key stops the car from starting.

Yes, we can upgrade the older style key to a more hard-wearing flip remote key. The reason that the car won't start is that the transponder immobiliser chip is connected to the circuit board and when the remote buttons wear, the microchip gets damaged.

I have lost the chip out of my Astra 2000 remote key

We can supply a new chip and program to your security codes. This can be done without supplying a key if it is not required.

I have a Corsa C, but the remote is not working. Can you help?

We can replace your remote for a new genuine one, which will come with a one year guarantee. There is no need to replace the full key if it is not needed and we do not even need any codes as we can extract them from the ECU using our specialist equipment.

The immoiliser light flashes on my 2002 Movano van and it will not start.

These vans are based on the same system as a Renault Master, which also have the same fault. The microchip breaks down and a new key is needed. Bring your remote to us for testing and we will try to retrieve the immobiliser information. If we cannot, we can order a key to your chassis number for you.

I have tried to change the battery in my remote and I've accidentally broken the battery housing.

It is advisable to have a new remote, as any attempts to repair it will only last for a while and it may break again at an inconvenient time, rendering the remote useless. If the car has an alarm then we need your security codes if you have them but if not, we can still program a new remote using specialist equipment.

I have lost my keys. Can you help?

We can supply you with new keys or remotes on the road, using your security Car Pass. As we try to keep costs down for you, it maybe worth your while waiting for us to obtain the required codes if you do not have them. We can work on most cars without the codes but there will be an increased labour charge as more time will be required to complete the job.

My car keys have been stolen. I need help urgently.

We can help but it is likely to be expensive. Sometimes it can be more cost effective for us to get the vehicle moved for you and then complete the job when it is more convenient. We can change the locks and supply programmed keys so the keys stolen will never work again.

I have broken my key in the door/ignition lock. What can I do?

If the vehicle cannot be driven we can come to you and retrive the broken part out of the lock. We will cut a new key and get you up and running. If you can drive the car to our workshop then we can book you in to do the same job, but at a cheaper rate.

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