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Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Vehicle Keys & Remotes 

Alfa Romeo Remote Car Keys

3D Autokeys Nottingham are fully equipped to help with all of your Alfa Romeo car key needs. Whichever make or model you have, we can help with Alfa Romeo key programming, replacement keys, and key repairs. We can also assist you with lock outs and immobiliser faults so please contact us.

If you need an Alfa Romeo replacement key or remote for your vehicle then please get in touch! We can provide 90% of genuine vehicle remote fobs and non-genuine standard keys across a wide variety of makes and models. Get a quote online or call us today, you will be surprised at what you can save against dealer prices!

What’s more, one of our three vans can come to you at your place of work, your home or just about anywhere in the local area!

Popular Alfa Romeo Models That We Cover

At 3D Autokeys we are able to work on any model of Alfa Romeo. We stock all Alfa Romeo remotes and keys and can cut and programme them for all makes and models. Popular models that we cover include;

• 145 
• 146 
• 155
• GTV Spider
• 164
• 147
• 156
• 75 Milano
• 90
If your vehicle isn't listed then please get in touch as there is a strong possibility 3D Autokeys will be able to help!

Common Alfa Romeo Issues 

More information about common Alfa Romeo car key faults coming soon ...

More information about common Alfa Romeo car key faults coming soon ...

My Alfa Romeo will not accept any of my keys!

This issue can often occur if you have connected the battery of your Alfa Romeo back up or used jump leads on the battery whilst the ignition has been turned on. By doing this, it causes the immobiliser box to spike resulting in the vehicle not accepting any of the keys associated with it.

If this happens, you can try to resolve it by disconnecting the battery and leaving it off for minimum of half an hour. This will allow time for the systems to reset themselves. After a minimum of half an hour you can then re-connect the battery and try to start your vehicle. If you are still experiencing issues please call us for further advice.


FAQ on Alfa Romeo

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I don't have my Alfa Romeo red master key! Can I still have a replacement key programmed?

Yes, 3D Autokeys can still programme a replacement Alfa Romeo key for you, we don't need the red master key to preform this task. Alfa Romeo have stopped using this system for sometime, only GTV, 145, 146, 155 and 164 had this system in place.

I have a Alfa 156, I have the electronic code, is that all I need to obtain a new remote key?

No, with the Alfa Romeo 156 you will also need a separate remote code in order for us to supply you with a replacement remote car key. Don't worry if you do not have this as we will be able to obtain the remote code for you once you have supplied us with your vehicle registration details.


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