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Citroen Citroen Vehicle Keys & Remotes 

Citroen Remote Car Keys

3D Autokeys Nottingham are fully equipped to help with all of your Citroen car key needs. Whichever make or model you have, we can help with Citroen key programming, replacement keys, and key repairs. We can also assist you with lock outs and immobiliser faults so please contact us.

If you need a Citroen replacement key or remote for your vehicle then please get in touch! We can provide 90% of genuine vehicle remote fobs and non-genuine standard keys across a wide variety of makes and models. Get a quote online or call us today, you will be surprised at what you can save against dealer prices! What’s more, one of our three vans can come to you at your place of work, your home or just about anywhere in the local area!

Popular Citroen Models That We Cover

At 3D Autokeys we are able to work on any model of Citroen. We stock all Citroen remotes and keys and can cut and programme them for all makes and models.

Popular models that we cover include;

  • C1
  • C2
  • C3
  • C4
  • C5
  • C6
  • C8
  • DS3
  • DS4
  • DS5
  • Jumper
  • C-Crosser
  • Saxo
  • Xsara Picasso
  • Nemo
  • Relay
  • Berlingo
  • Despatch

If your vehicle isn't listed then please get in touch as we can work on any model of Citroen regardless of age!

Common Citroen Issues 

Citroen C1 Door Lock Failure

A common problem that can develop on the Citroen C1 is the door lock failing. Often the key will not turn and therefore will not unlock the vehicle. Alternatively the key gets trapped in the lock entirely. This is a result of general wear and tear and cannot be prevented however we do get called out to a fair few with the same problem. The good news is that 3D Autokeys can come to you within a 40 mile radius of Nottingham and replace the lock. We will ensure that your current key continues to work in the new lock sparing you the costly process of having to have a replacement key cut and programmed. Our replacement lock service is a lot cheaper and more convenient than taking your vehicle to a dealership.

Broken Key for the Citroen Xsara Picasso

We get several calls from people who have snapped their car key for the Citroen Xsara Picasso inside the lock. Unfortunately this can and does happen. Please do not attempt to fish the broken key part out of the lock yourself as you can cause further damage to the lock and increase the cost to have it repaired. Please call 3D Autokeys, we can remove the broken part of the key from the lock without causing further damage. We can then cut and programme you a new replacement Citroen key without the need to replace the lock which is a very cost effective solution.

Citroen Xsara Picasso (1999–2003) Ignition Lock Failure

The electronics failing in the Citroen Xsara Picasso is a common fault. When this occurs it stops you from being able to turn the car key in the ignition and the key gets stuck. Unfortunately this usually requires a replacement ignition barrel fitting. 3D Autokeys can come to you and replace the ignition barrel. This will save you money compared to the dealer prices and also expensive towing costs as our auto locksmiths are fully mobile and will come to you as long as you are within our 40mile service area from the centre of Nottingham.

FAQ on Citroen

My Citroen remote key blade has become loose. Do I need to replace the whole remote?

You are not alone! It is very common for any Citroen flip out key, regardless of make and model, to become loose over time. There is a tiny spring built within the hinge that through daily use can wear out. The good news is that you can contact us, 3D Autokeys, and we can repair your Citroen keys for you. If the circuitry in the remote is still working we can simply replace the casing and transfer the circuitry to the new case saving you pounds compared to a dealership. If the circuitry is also faulty and it is a full replacement remote key that you require we can also come to you and cut and programme a replacement for you please contact us for a quote.

I have a Citroen Berlingo and my car key will not turn in the door lock.

This is a similar problem to the common fault with the Citroen C1 door lock. It is usually one of two problems. Either the key has worn through daily use and is no longer fitting the lock as it should, or the lock itself has worn. Please call 3D Autokeys, one of our fully trained and insured auto locksmiths can come to you within a 40 mile radius of Nottingham and provide you with a replacement lock and ensure your current keys continue to work. Alternatively, if it is the key that is the issue, we can cut and programme you a replacement Citroen key without any fuss. 

I have been asked if I have my Citroen Electronic Code Card! What is this, and do I need it?!

The Citroen Electronic Code Card is a small plastic card that is the same size as a credit card. It has a scratch off panel that reveals a code unique to that vehicle. Try to keep this safe. It is used as a security code for coding replacement keys to the Citroen and it does make life a lot easier should you ever have any security related problems with the vehicle. This includes problems with the immobiliser, remote keys, ignition etc. The repairer will ask for this code as it is a password for the vehicles on-board computer. Whether you will need it or not largely depends on the vehicle you own. The Citroen C1, Relay and C-Crosser are not issued with an electronic code card when you purchase them so do not worry if you can’t find it. If you have any other model of Citroen manufactured before 2006 you will have been issued a card if you bought the car from new. Don’t worry if you have misplaced the card it is possible for our auto locksmiths to obtain the code on your behalf from the dealership. If your card is a newer model manufactured after 2006 then 95% of the time we can still programme a new key without this key code card using our specialist equipment.

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