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Rover Rover Vehicle Keys & Remotes 

Rover Lucas Immobiliser system

Lucas systems are fitted to the Rover 100, 200, 400, 25 and 45 series as well as Mini, MGF, MG ZR, ZS and TF. The system was used between 1994 and early 2003. As this system was fitted for such a long period it is naturally the most popular. We can supply these remotes and program them onsite or at our workshop.

Rover Pektron Immobiliser system

Pektron is a set up box which, unlike the Lucas system, controls more than just the immobiliser. This control unit operates the convenience system (indicators, wipers, lights, etc). As this system was only used between 2003 and 2005 they are not very popular. The biggest problem with this system arrises if you lose or break your remote and do not have a spare. If this happens, Rover insist the box is replaced at a very high cost to the customer. However, we can reset the box to take remotes for a fraction of the cost.

Rover 75 MG ZT EWS Immobiliser system

The EWS immobiliser system was designed and used on BMW vehicles. Unlike all other Rover systems, this does not work with the remote; the immobiliser is a pre-coded transponder chip which is ordered and already programmed to the vehicle chassis number. We cannot stock keys for this car due to the precoded chip and the remote is also programmed to a digital barcode which is supplied with the remote.

City Rover Immobiliser system

City Rover was designed and made by Indian firm TATA. Unfortunately City Rover are currently the only company that can work on this car due to the amount of parts and software available for such a low production car.

Popular Models That We Cover

At 3D Group we are constantly improving the range of cars that we can work on. We can currently provide a wide range of services for the following vehicles:

  • 100
  • 200
  • 400
  • 600
  • 25
  • 45
  • 75
  • MG TF
  • MG ZR
  • MG ZS
  • MG ZT

If your vehicle isn't listed then please get in touch as there is a strong possibility that we will be able to help!

Common Rover Issues 

Rover Lucas wiring problems

If you find the CDL central locking fuse under the bonnet blowing even if the vehicle does not have central locking, it may be caused by several wires broken or bare. These wires are situated in the rubber boot near the tailgate hinge on the off-side (right-hand side). This can be easily repaired by any good auto electrician.

Lucas remotes failing

As the remotes were used on vehicles for over 9 years we get asked a lot about them failing. We would always advise a new remote which comes with a guarantee. Some customers have bought what looks like a new remote from the internet, these remotes are often used but in new cases. We advise our customers to be very aware of this.

Electronic EKA code not working on 2003-2005 cars

This is very common. So far we have not come across a car fitted with the newer Pektron system that it works on. Therefore if you do not have any working remotes, the Pektron immobiliser unit will need either replacing or resetting. We can happily provide this service for you, please get in touch.

FAQ on Rover

I have 1997 Tomcat and the immobiliser will not work

This is usually a remote fault. We can come out to the car and replace the remote fob for you.

I have lost my keys and remote on an MG ZR 2004. Rover want £500, can you help?

Not only can we help, but we can save you a significant amount against dealer prices. The car has a Pektron system fitted which prevents you from programming another remote if the car immobiliser is armed. Rover replace the box whereas we reset it. We can do this and supply a new remote and keys made to the door locks.

I need a key for a Rover 75. Can I buy one off an online auction site?

Unfortunately not as the remote is pre-coded to the immobiliser of the car it was ordered to. The transponder chip is pre-coded and the remote is programmed with a barcode supplied when new. We can supply a new remote key but they are specially ordered to chassis number through Rover to BMW and take up to 14 working days.

I have locked my keys in the boot of my Rover 75.

Please call us. We can come out and open the boot to get your keys without causing any damage to your vehicle.

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