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Renault Renault Vehicle Keys & Remotes 

Renault Key Cards

Renault Replacement Key Card Remote

The Renault key card system is a very unique method of opening and starting a car. There are two types of Renault cards; hands free and non-hands free. With the hands free system you can unlock and start the car without inserting the card into the dash. Merely having the key card within range of the vehicle will unlock and start the car meaning you don’t even have to take the car key out of your pocket or bag.

Each of these Renault Key Cards contains a transponder and a low frequency communication feature that sends a signal back to the car to identify you as a legitimate user. This a convenient and clever piece of technology however, should your key card develop a fault they can be expensive to repair or replace through a dealership. 3D Autokeys can repair or replace your Renault key card at a fraction of the dealership prices. We offer a wide range of auto locksmith services throughout Nottingham so please contact us for a quote.

Renault Clio, Kangoo, & Master Remotes

There are two different types of Renault remote key for these vehicles; pre-coded and Virgin. In order to be able to programme either of these keys to your car the remotes must be bought brand new and un-programmed before they can be programmed to your car. You cannot buy these keys second hand. If they have been previously programmed to any other vehicle they will not be able to work with your vehicle. This is why we strongly advise that you do not buy remote keys from auction sites as you could be sold a second hand remote. Pre-coded Renault remote keys were used on pre-facelift Clios (1999-2001), Kangoos (1999-2002) and Masters (1999-2003).

Popular Models That We Cover

At 3D Autokeys we are constantly improving the range of Renault cars that we can work on. We can currently provide a wide range of services for the following vehicles:

  • Clio
  • Espace
  • Kangoo
  • Laguna
  • Master
  • Megane
  • Modus
  • Scenic
  • Trafic
  • Twingo
  • Vel Satis

If your vehicle isn't listed then please get in touch as there is a strong possibility 3D Autokeys will be able to help!

Common Renault Issues 

Renault Laguna Button Failure

The most common problem with these cards is button failure. There are lots of places on the internet advertising that they can repair these key cards. Repairing is fine if you are selling the car soon, if not it can become a false economy as we have found that shortly after the initial repair they tend to fail. The failure is not with the repaired buttons but the immobiliser chip inside the card that makes the car start. 3D Autokeys can offer a replacement Renault key card at a lower cost and quicker turn around than any local dealership. All cards are stocked and ready for programming. Please email us for an appointment.

Renault Clio, Kangoo, & Master Immobiliser Failure

Renault's Clio II, Kangoo and Master have always had problems with the immobiliser chip failing. Inside the remote is a transponder chip fitted to a circuit board which is read by a device fitted around the ignition lock. We have found that this chip breaks or becomes corrupt. A Renault replacement key and key programming is needed, which we can supply and program both quicker and cheaper than the local dealership.

FAQ on Renault

My Renault Megane / Scenic (2003-2009) card will not start the car.

Often this causes an error message stating 'Card Not Detected' on the digital display on the dashboard. A replacement key card is needed to solve this problem, as it is usually the card at fault. If you bring your key card into us we can test to see if a signal is being received from the transponder chip free of charge. If the card is damaged we can supply a new card and program it to your car right away, unlike the main dealer which can take up to 2 weeks to get a replacement Renault key card to you.

I have bought a Renault remote / card off an online auction site. Can you program it for me?

All Renault car keys, remotes and key cards bought from these websites have usually already been programmed to another car. If so, then unfortunately programming these Renault remotes is not possible. Renault cars require either a pre-coded key ordered to the vehicles chassis number or a virgin-state key/card before they can be programmed. If you are not sure whether the remote has been programmed before please contact us, we can help!

I have broken my Renault car key, can you help?

Yes we can! If you have both bits of the broken key please pop in to our workshop 465 Westdale Lane, Mapperley, Nottingham during opening hours to get a new key cut. If you have the end of the key stuck in a lock on the car then we will need to send one of our mobile auto locksmiths out to extract the key from the lock and then cut you a new key which can all be done on our specially equipped vans. If you are within 40 miles of our head office in Nottingham please contact us for a comprehensive quote.

My Renault remote will not work on my Megane / Scenic 1996-1998. Can you help?

Definitely. There are many options to get you moving; sometimes the remote just needs a repair. Sometimes the remote is beyond repair, in which case you will require a Renault replacement key. If this happens, we can order a new key to chassis number for you. If you just need the car working we can pop out and temporarily disarm the immobiliser system until a new key has been ordered. Please contact us so that we can advise you on the best course of action.

My remote for the Renault Laguna (02-05) will not lock / unlock the car. Can you help?

It is likely that the buttons inside the remote have broken off the circuit board. Repairs are available on the internet for around £25 BUT we do not advise this for the following reason; the cards are factory sealed and further problems can occur within a few months of the repair. We recommend a new card; which we can supply and program to your car right away. Please remember the car is needed to supply a new card and program. Prices start from as little as £160 for a 2 button card supplied and coded.

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